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Fuzzy Dice Made in Wisconsin

Friday, December 14, 2012

You wouldn't think that the giant fuzzy dice capital of the world would be located in a small town in Wisconsin. Every dice that Fluff n Stuff sells is hand made in the United States of America and features durable stitching and tough furry fabric. Everyone has fond memories of tossing these over-sized dice across the roller skating rinks. If you threw a giant dice in the last 20 years, it was probably made by Fluff n Stuff. Bob and Carole started Fluff n Stuff nearly 30 years ago and have been making the giant fuzzy dice ever since. 

The Carole's foray into the fuzzy dice arena started rather unexpectedly, Bob's Sister was a part owner of a roller rink and they couldn't find anyone who could make the pom poms for roller skates. Bob and Carole thought about it and they soon began making the poms on the side and soon enough the poms started to sell. Eventually, an assembly line was created and Bob and Carole began pumping out the skate pom poms by the box load. 

Next, they noticed that these roller rinks needed someone to make the large fuzzy dice that they used to play games with. The Carole's figured that it mine as well be them. They soon setup a fuzzy dice factory in their house and after a few years it extended out to it's own separate building on the property. Fluff n Stuff eventually became the largest giant fuzzy dice manufacturer in the nation, and possibly the world. 

Still going strong today, Bob and Carole still make all their dice by hand, the same way they've been doing it for over 30 years. If you stop by, you'll probably find Bob in the shop cutting fabric and gluing on dots while Carole sews them together with her durable stitching. Take a look at all of the different colors and options for dice on the site, and remember that we will take any special orders over the phone and get you exactly what you need. 

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